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I'm New Here

I'm New Here

Dear Hopeful Independence Club Member,

The Independence Club Board of Directors would like to share several reasons why you may be interested in joining or re-joining The Independence Club as a member.

Membership shows your support of why The Independence Club continues to exists; keeping its doors open every day so that 12-step recovery groups may have a place to meet.  Most important, it provides a place of refuge, fellowship, and support for those who desire a new way of life.

Membership indicates that you are part of a community and a new family.  The Club has fostered a feeling that this is your home for over 29 years.  You may come to your Club, your meetings, and your non-smoking lounges to enjoy the fellowship of recovery; to share your experience, strength, and hope with other Club attendees and members; and to develop new friendships in recovery.

Membership is an important source of income for the Club.  Income derived from meeting basket donations, refreshment sales, and special events is not sufficient to maintain on-going Club operation to meet monthly expenses.

Membership offers the opportunity to attend Club events (including all other local area sober Club events) at a reduced price.  This is a way of saying "thank you for your support."

Membership is vital to assist in the on-going operation of The Independence Club.  The Club is a non-profit 501(C)3 separate business/corporation (not A.A., N.A., etc.) offering meeting space for any and all recovery-based programs.  In the past, everyone felt they were a member of the Club.  This is a compliment to the sense of community that has been created over the years, but only dues-paying individuals are actual Club members.  Only card-carrying Club members may participate and vote in the annual elections of the Board of Directors; as well as attend any and all scheduled Board and Membership meetings to discuss Club issues and concerns.  Without a constant level of membership, the Club cannot survive.

Membership is a way of helping to continue Club enhancement.  The Club has accomplished major appearance improvements over the past few years and hopes to continue with future enhancements to maintain a facility which you can be proud of.  Members and non-members are getting increasingly involved with assistance in continuing Club enhancement.  The Club has managed to majorly increase income, attendance, and membership over the most recent years after almost having to shut the doors several years ago.  The Club has current Board members who are acting as your trusted servants, and who are strongly concerned about the welfare of the Club.

Truly yours in service,

The Independence Club Board of Directors