The Independence Club is linked with AmazonSmile for shopping donations; if you do any Amazon shopping on-line you can click the “Charity” tab and choose “Independence Club” meaning Amazon will forward 0.5% of all your shopping to the Club. You can also utilize the following link for shopping to bookmark this link so all eligible shopping will benefit Independence Club Incorporated. Please spread the word!!

service work info

The Independence Club is always looking for volunteer service work to be performed in order to help the Club operate on a daily basis and maintain a clean and orderly appearance.  The Club welcomes individuals who need to perform Community Service Work ordered by courts, probation offices, and/or treatment centers.  Many Club members and Club attendees perform daily cleaning service work just to pitch in and be a part of!!  Service work also includes staffing the coffee bar for each meeting offered on-site.  For more information, please see a Board member or drop a note in the Club safe with contact information.