About Us

The Independence Club is a Northern Virginia 501(c)3 organization that provides a meeting place for 12 step recovery groups. The club hosts multiple meetings, everyday, to support those in need of recovery from addiction. The Independence Club welcomes all whom come through its doors. Please feel free to come visit us!

Our Mission

The mission of the Independence Club is to provide a meeting place for people interested in a program of recovery based on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of any 12-step, recovery-based program.

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The Club is a non-profit, 501(c)3, tax-exempt, charitable organization. It does not hold meetings itself; its function is to provide a safe, reliable environment where groups of recovering people can organize and participate in regular meetings. Individual groups hold meetings throughout each and every day beginning with a 6 am. meeting and ending with an 8:30 p.m. meeting; the Club would like to fill numerous empty time slots with new meetings; the Club needs volunteers for Chair, Treasurer, and/or Secretary positions for new meetings.

Because the Club operates its own building space, it supports a variety of meetings throughout the day, seven days a week. Each group, which meets at the Club, is independent as outlined in any recovery-based program traditions and you do not have to be a Club member to attend Club

The Club is NOT an A.A. organization; it is a fellowship hall supported by the financial donations/memberships/sponsorships and volunteer help of Club members and attendees. It welcomes people from any fellowship who are interested in a program of recovery based on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of any 12-step recovery-based program.


How Can I Support the Club?

You can support the Club in many ways: First, attend Club meetings and donate what you can in the meeting basket. Each group meeting is self supporting according to the 7th tradition and has agreed to pay a portion of their meeting income to "rent" meeting space from the Club. Send a PayPal Giving Donation and get an immediate tax deduction receipt (and the club gets 100% of your donation)! You can also send us a Venmo donation. Anyway you can help is always greatly appreciated.

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Second, buy coffee, soft drinks, water, snacks, recovery-based chips, or recovery-based literature. TheClub makes asmall profit from each of these purchases.

Third, become a Club member. It is a direct way to bond with others to keep the Club operating.

Fourth, become a Club sponsor. Club sponsors pledge a monthly or quarterly donation to the Club and they have been the backbone in keeping the Club operating.

There simply has never been ample contributions to the Club just through meetings, purchases, etc. to support monthly expenses for this or any fellowship hall for recovery-based meetings.

Club members, sponsors, and donators ( even with one-time donations) enable the on-going Club operation


Tell me about membership!

The Club offers three types of membership:

Memberships are available to everyone for one year at $55, for six months at $30, or lifetime memberships at $500 (installments accepted).

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What are the benefits of membership?

The biggest benefit of membership is feeling you have helped someone who attends meetings at the Club to have a place to work on recovery. All members may vote at elections and in general membership meetings. In voting and through the elected Board of Directors, members set Club policies. Every member receives a membership card and is entitled to a discount at Club special events. Many find Club meetings, our lounge, and kitchenette a welcome place for friendship and
fellowship that is simply not available where other meetings are held throughout the area.


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Find Us

The Independence Club is located in Springfield, VA within the greater Washington DC Metropolitan Region. We are conveniently located close to major thoroughfares and bus routes. Our Address is 7043 Wimsatt Road, Springfield, VA 22151


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